Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sometimes life takes a unexpected turn.

Unfortunately I have some non-AmigaOne X1000 news which will have a hopefully temporary effect on this blog.

Personally we have had some bad news - my wife has been diagnosed with cancer and it has turned our world upside down recently.

I still enjoy my AmigaOne X1000 and I will continue this blog when I have time to do so, but as I hope you can appreciate, it will slow down now while I am totally focused on my wife's cancer surgery, treatments and supporting her recovery over the coming months.

Thanks for your patience, and I am really sorry in advance that the updates will slow down. I wanted you all to know why it is happening - it is not because of a lack of interest in the Amiga scene. I still enjoy it more than ever!


  1. Sorry to hear that, hope your wife has a speedy recovery.


  2. May God Bless you both. I'm so sorry to hear this.

  3. That's sad to hear. I hope that your wife makes a good recovery.

  4. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement - it all helps.

    1. Epsilon our thoughts and prayers are with you in this tough time.

      get the movie "The Beatiful Truth" it will give you guys hope. Its about a high school kid who does a report on cancer its incredible.


  5. Very sad news. Hope your wife gets better quickly.

  6. Epsilon, my mother (aged 60) had a cancer and now is fine. So tell your wife that she need to be strong and se will make it! My best wishes to her...

  7. head up my fellow Amigan and tell your wife to do the same as it's mind over matter from now on!

    God speed to a full recovery as all our prayers are with you and when you need some stress relief I'm sure your trusty X1000 will be there waiting :-)