Saturday, September 27, 2014

Victor Harbor Horse Drawn Tram

In 2014, in Victor Harbor, a coastal town about an hour south of Adelaide, there continues a tradition started in the late 1800's of using a horse drawn tram service from victor harbor to granite island.

The current trams were built in the mid 1980's, double storey and still look great today, thanks to regular maintenance and being stored undercover in a secure tram shed near to the victor harbor tram stop.

Here is the shed:

Closer view:

A couple of trams are already in service today with two in is Tram No. 4:

Here is the view showing the track work that leads from the tram shed to the Victor Harbor train station and the Victor harbor tram stop.

Track switching:

View towards Victor harbor train station past the right side of the tram shed.

Here is the Victor Harbor tram stop where the tram journey starts:

Here are some photos of the horse drawn trams in action:

Here is the terminus stop on Granite Island:

There is a small manual turntable to turn the tram around for the return journey. A signboard shows the ride details - schedule and fares.

Close up of the tram front logo:

Tram is dropping off passengers:

On the move again:

The causeway that the tram crosses from Victor harbor to granite island:

It is well worth the visit to Victor harbor to ride the horse drawn tram!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Citadis Tram in Adelaide CBD

Quick photo today of one of the newer Citadis trams repainted in blue advertising and stopped at the Rundle Mall tram stop in Adelaide!

Behind it is a flexity tram heading the other direction.

The tram line runs from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre through the city centre and then south west to Glenelg beach.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prepping for AmiWest 2014 Part 1

At the moment my focus Amiga-wise is prepping the NG Amiga hardware I am taking to AmiWest 2014 (Sacramento, California) as an exhibitor!

It has been a difficult time of late, with grief of a death in the family filling my spare time, when not working, which has also been hectic. Sorry for the delay in posting to this X1000 blog.

I have managed to squeeze some Amiga related things in (Classic Amiga) and a little IRC chat during this month, and have been updating the Classic Amiga blog regularly, but haven't really done a lot with the X1000 of late.

My attention has been drawn to the diversion of running Amiga OS4.1 Classic on WinUAE, also detailed in my Classic Amiga blog.

I am waiting for my new X1000 Amiga keyboard from Loriano, which is in progress as I type this, waiting for the final key to arrive and be installed before it is shipped to me! Pictures to come when I have received it and have it up and running on the X1000!

As I said, I am prepping the NG Amiga hardware I am taking to AmiWest 2014 as an exhibitor - my first visit this year. I am very excited about it!

The AmiWest 2014 website is here, to keep up with the latest news.

Because of the size, weight and likelihood of damage, I can't bring my X1000 to the show - which I am quite sad about!

I do plan to use AmigaOS4.1 Classic under WinUAE for the programming seminar. I hope to learn about how to code for AmigaOS4, so I can hopefully create some software of my own for the X1000!

In the absence of the X1000 though, I have several other NG Amiga systems I plan to bring along to AmiWest 2014 for people to look at and try out.

I am busy building those systems at the moment. Here are some in progress shots - technically this is not X1000 systems related, but they are NG systems like the X1000 is!

This is my registered MorphOS 3.7 laptop, an Apple Powerbook G4 15" model, running a Mad Wizards demo from Revision 2012 Demo party:

Return to Castle Wolfenstein running on it:

MorphOS 3.7 Ambient Desktop:

System Folder layout - no idea yet why there is French text in the bottom bar when the locale is English - came from the Chrysalis Pack iso add-on I guess:

Another view of the Ambient Desktop, with a different wallpaper:

AmiNetRadio playing some Mp3's, showing the playlist view:

Next is the Odyssey Web browser (OWB) showing MorphZone, MorphOS Files websites, to keep up to date on the latest news for MorphOS:

Next, I am playing my recent YouTube videos on Odyssey under MorphOS 3.7 works well - and no, before anyone asks, I didn't queue up for an iPhone 6 - I did get one via pre order on launch day though - my launch day blog post and video link here if interested):

Grunch is very useful tool that checks for updates on the latest version of software you have installed on your MorphOS machine:

This is just a small taste of one of the systems I plan to bring - my builds on two other computers are in progress right now.

I hope you can make it to AmiWest 2014 this year - I would love to meet and chat to as many Amiga people as possible!