Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mini Game Review - Santa Monster Shootout on X1000

Today I am looking at Amiboing's recently released game for AmigaOS4 called Santa Monster Shootout on my X1000.

Amiboing has released this game for free, just in time for the Xmas season!

In this game Santa apparently has developed a need to shoot monsters with bigger and bigger weapons! As you shoot enemies on screen you get more money. This money allows you to upgrade your weapons and ammunition to be more effective!

In the config program you can configure the game to run full screen or in a window.

Once you launch the game itself, you get to the main menu where you can get Help with playing the game, access the Shop to buy higher grade weapons and ammunition, access the Highscores which as usual for Amiboing are synchronised to their internet web server to keep track of scores of players across the world:

Below is the help screens to explain the game screen and shop functions. Joysticks are supported in the game which is good:

I was impressed with the high scores already achieved - I quickly discovered it will take a long time to get that high!

Next screen shows the initial Shop screen - I don't have any money to buy anything yet so we need to play the game now to see more!

I have to say the quality of the graphics is excellent! So now let's see some screenshots from the game itself:

There is a small game world you can walk to the left or right - enemies appear periodically to be killed!

The gameplay is a bit repetitive though...

The timer is used to calculate your bonus at the end of the level based on how much time is left. If it hits zero the game still keeps running but just no bonus for time remaining is given...I did eventually get enough money for a weapons upgrade ($500), so at the end of the level I went to the shop:

Weapon now upgraded, it's back to the game again, collecting health and additional ammo. With the default weapon you have unlimited ammo, but with the higher weapons you need to collect the ammo that appears when you shoot the enemies:


You can also collect the health bonuses as you go through the game, which restore your health. The game ends if your health goes down to zero...

Looking at the Level indicator on screen, I played this for quite some time initially and I was still stuck on level 1...

After a hint from and some extra time with this game I learnt that you need to keep walking to the right to get to the end of level boss and the end of the level. Perhaps an arrow at the start of the level and a end of level door would make the progression more obvious. I did make it as far as level 12 - Unfortunately I got bored with the repetitive shoot - walk right - turn - walk left - shoot and repeat gameplay method!

I am really sorry Amiboing, but this game is not really my kind of thing. I think it needs platform style gameplay or more exploration element in the game to spice it up a bit. The shop is a nice touch though.

But it must be remembered that the game is free, the graphics are well done, and for those who like this type of game and treat it as just a little short term Xmas fun I am sure you will enjoy it!

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