Saturday, June 22, 2013

1st Anniversary of X1000

It has been just over one year since I received my X1000 as part of the First Contact release. It has been a lot of fun trying out and blogging about lots of different hardware and software on it during that time!

I had hoped to do something a bit more substantial on this blog for the 1st anniversary but unfortunately I have been up to my neck in work recently and had no free time to do it - sorry!

My X1000 is currently awaiting a suitable compatible wifi card to try out the new Atheros 5000 driver recently released! I am keen to try it out once I have time to source a card.

I have a CatWeasel 2 card (brand new, never used for the last few years) for reading floppies as well, and I was keen to try it out on the X1000, but it looks like it needs a special cable to connect it to the IDE connector on the X1000 and some newer drivers from AmigaKit to use it too. Unfortunately AmigaKit appears to only sell them as a bundle with the Catweasel, and I only need the drivers and the cable...I may ask them if I can get just those bits separately, as the CatWeasel is expensive and I already have one!

I was reflecting the other day that these days I only use my X1000 for any Amiga related stuff! Even though in Amigaland I have MorphOS 3.2 Powerbook G4, Icaros Netbook, Minimig, Amiga 2000/4000D/4000T and CD32, I haven't fired them up at all this year, other than the Powerbook briefly to upgrade to MorphOS 3.2.

I am impressed that thanks to the X1000, I have finally made the transition from Classic Amiga to NextGen Amiga user, something I didn't think possible 1-2 years ago when my Amiga 4000T was still getting quite a workout, and the SAM440 was not being touched due to it's speed issues, just before it failed completely.

I am keenly looking forward to AmigaOS4.2 on the X1000 and the further developments during 2013.

So I raise a glass - Here's to you X1000, one year on. It's been interesting ride and a lot of fun! :-)

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  1. Happy first birthday.
    Hoping a lot of more x1000 birthdays for your blog