Thursday, April 10, 2014

Found a Amiga 600 keyboard

Following on from my first blog entry, I am getting an Amiga 600 to work on a new project to upgrade it.

As part of this, I already know that I need to fix the keyboard which is in terrible yellowed condition.

Fortunately I have located a much whiter keyboard on Ebay today, which I have also purchased and awaiting it's delivery from overseas.

I include some photos of this item from the seller's listing since I don't have it yet - can't wait to install it in the Amiga 600 when I get both of them!

Important for me is that it is an English Amiga 600 keyboard, not a European one - in Australia we use the US keyboard as our standard keyboard, but I have been using a UK keyboard on my AmigaOne X1000 so I am used to both.

I want the keys in the places I normally expect them to be! From the photos of the item below it is clearly a UK keyboard:

Getting very excited now and can't wait for all this stuff to arrive so I can get started!

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