Sunday, July 6, 2014

North Adelaide Railway Station

Yesterday I was in Bowden to attend the Fork on the Road food event nearby, and decided to have a closer look at the North Adelaide Railway Station.

From the vantage point below at the pedestrian crossing, you can see the freight line on the right heading towards Adelaide (also used by the Ghan and Indian Pacific). The other lines are the Adelaide Metro Broad gauge lines servicing the Gawler line, and also providing access to the Dry Creek Depot where Adelaide Metro trains are stored and serviced when not in use:

This station is active and is the first stop on the Gawler line. It is not used a great deal though, and often trains pass through the station without stopping.

Here is the view on the Adelaide Metro Platform which is heading towards Gawler, looking at the bus shelter style stop on this platform and the North Adelaide Station building on the opposite side:

Here is a closer view of the North Adelaide Railway Station building, which is not in use and is sealed up on the platform side - does provide shelter when it is raining though, like today:

North Adelaide Station signage on the platform:

Further along the platform I can see the Park Terrace bridge in the distance, freight line on the left and two broad gauge Adelaide Metro lines on the right:

When the electrification works to Dry Creek and beyond take place, this view will change a lot from how it is today!

Here is a another shot of the North Adelaide Railway Station building:

As I was taking photos, a regular service Gawler line train passed through North Adelaide station without stopping, on it's way to Adelaide Railway Station:

Here is the train as it passes through the station - 3 carriages on this 2000 series Diesel train service:

After the train passes through the station:

Here is the bus stop style Train Stop information board at North Adelaide Railway Station, Platform 1:

Given that trains infrequently stop at this station is it important to check the schedule to make sure you can catch the train from this station. Bowden Railway Station (on the Outer harbour and Grange lines) is walking distance from this station, as is the Entertainment Centre Tram stop - so it is not a great surprise that it sees little use.

When the Adelaide Railway Station was closed in January 2014 for electrification works for the Seaford line, North Adelaide Railway Station was the start/terminating Railway Station for the Gawler line, where people transferred here to buses to go to Adelaide Railway Station. For that month it was very busy at this station!

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