Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prepping for AmiWest 2014 Part 1

At the moment my focus Amiga-wise is prepping the NG Amiga hardware I am taking to AmiWest 2014 (Sacramento, California) as an exhibitor!

It has been a difficult time of late, with grief of a death in the family filling my spare time, when not working, which has also been hectic. Sorry for the delay in posting to this X1000 blog.

I have managed to squeeze some Amiga related things in (Classic Amiga) and a little IRC chat during this month, and have been updating the Classic Amiga blog regularly, but haven't really done a lot with the X1000 of late.

My attention has been drawn to the diversion of running Amiga OS4.1 Classic on WinUAE, also detailed in my Classic Amiga blog.

I am waiting for my new X1000 Amiga keyboard from Loriano, which is in progress as I type this, waiting for the final key to arrive and be installed before it is shipped to me! Pictures to come when I have received it and have it up and running on the X1000!

As I said, I am prepping the NG Amiga hardware I am taking to AmiWest 2014 as an exhibitor - my first visit this year. I am very excited about it!

The AmiWest 2014 website is here, to keep up with the latest news.

Because of the size, weight and likelihood of damage, I can't bring my X1000 to the show - which I am quite sad about!

I do plan to use AmigaOS4.1 Classic under WinUAE for the programming seminar. I hope to learn about how to code for AmigaOS4, so I can hopefully create some software of my own for the X1000!

In the absence of the X1000 though, I have several other NG Amiga systems I plan to bring along to AmiWest 2014 for people to look at and try out.

I am busy building those systems at the moment. Here are some in progress shots - technically this is not X1000 systems related, but they are NG systems like the X1000 is!

This is my registered MorphOS 3.7 laptop, an Apple Powerbook G4 15" model, running a Mad Wizards demo from Revision 2012 Demo party:

Return to Castle Wolfenstein running on it:

MorphOS 3.7 Ambient Desktop:

System Folder layout - no idea yet why there is French text in the bottom bar when the locale is English - came from the Chrysalis Pack iso add-on I guess:

Another view of the Ambient Desktop, with a different wallpaper:

AmiNetRadio playing some Mp3's, showing the playlist view:

Next is the Odyssey Web browser (OWB) showing MorphZone, MorphOS Files websites, to keep up to date on the latest news for MorphOS:

Next, I am playing my recent YouTube videos on Odyssey under MorphOS 3.7 works well - and no, before anyone asks, I didn't queue up for an iPhone 6 - I did get one via pre order on launch day though - my launch day blog post and video link here if interested):

Grunch is very useful tool that checks for updates on the latest version of software you have installed on your MorphOS machine:

This is just a small taste of one of the systems I plan to bring - my builds on two other computers are in progress right now.

I hope you can make it to AmiWest 2014 this year - I would love to meet and chat to as many Amiga people as possible!


  1. . . . and we're looking forward to having you at AmiWest 2014! Sorry about the delay in contacting you and your personal sadness as well. It's been somewhat of a madhouse here. But everything always comes together just at the right time! Please let us know when you will arrive in Sacramento through, a new address we just established today.

    Amiga Forever,

    Brian Deneen
    AmiWest organizer

    1. thanks for your comments! I sent you an email today regarding Amiwest.

  2. Maybe this is a good time to advertise my own blog that was inspired by yours (mentioned on my blog):

    I really liked your simple and thourogh explanations with plenty of pictures so I started to do the same. I don't own an X1000 but I read this blog a lot nevertheless. Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Thanks for your kind feedback. I was planning to do a MorphOS blog, but found I didn't have time with maintaining already 4 blogs to fit in another one! I am glad to see your MorphOS blog follows a similar concept to this blog, it is interesting to read your posts and I will follow it with interest for tips to help me with my MorphOS machine too!