Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cockle Train at Victor Harbor

While I was in Victor Harbor this past weekend I arrived in time to see the Steamranger Cockle Train running it's afternoon final return trip to Goolwa.

I thought I would grab a few photos to share - it is too early for them to run steam services, but it should be soon as we are now in Autumn!

The consist was quite long today! Some close ups:

The Buffet Carriage internals:

This is the view inside the Victor Harbor station building, showing the ticket windows and the Station Masters entrance:

Some more views of the Cockle train from the Victor Harbor Station platform, just prior to departure:

Another view of Diesel Loco 507:

Last Passengers boarding the train:

Green flag raised and Whistle blown - Ready to go!

Diesel Loco 507 underway then gets underway, with plenty of diesel grunt in evidence!

The Cockle train then crosses the last manually operated gates for a Road crossing in Australia (Heritage protected):

Last carriage crossing over the road on the way out of Victor Harbor Station:

Volunteers from Steamranger then put the manually operated gates back in the original position to allow road traffic to pass again:

I have a lot of plans for train travel during 2015 - in Australia and Japan, so look forward to more photos soon!

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