Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bowden Railway Station

Today I went to take a look at Bowden Railway Station, which is located on the Adelaide Metro Outer Harbour and Grange line train services.

This station is very close to the Adelaide CBD and the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, which means the tram line is also very close by.

Approaching the Station from Port Road (on Station Road), you can see the recent transformation of the Bowden Railway Station building to "The Loose Caboose" cafe, which now operates within the original station building.

This looks like an extension to the original building:

View of the Bowden Station building from Station Road:

The platform on the other side of this building is where trains coming from Adelaide Railway Station heading out towards Outer Harbour or Grange stop (on their way out). Here is some photos from the platform:

From this platform view you can see a 3000 series train approaching:

This is a three car set on this service as it stops at Bowden Station:

Bowden Station heritage building verandah visible as the train is stopped at Bowden station, looking towards Adelaide Station direction:

View of the train towards Outer Harbour direction as it departs:

Train leaving Bowden Station - you can see the raised disabled access point on the platform to make it easier for wheelchairs to enter the train:

I noticed on the wall on this platform side, some artwork on the fences - curious choice to show an electric train when they don't run through this station at all:

To the right of the Bowden Railway Station building is the subway that leads to the platform on the other side with a rather interesting orange and black paint scheme:

 Here is the view from the other side of the subway:

Having gone through the subway to the other side, we can see nice views of Bowden Station building from the other platform:

 Here is some views of the more basic shelter on the Adelaide Station destination platform - painting it multiple colours does little to disguise that it is pretty ugly:

Here is some view of the fence art I showed before, this time from the other platform:

This is the view of Bowden Station, looking towards Adelaide Station:

As I walked to the end of the platform and down the ramp, I could see a TSR sign (Temporary Speed Restriction) of 20km/h here:

Shortly after, another 3000 series train, also with three carriages on it, arrived into Bowden Station, headed for Adelaide:

Here is the train stopping at Bowden Station:

The train is now stopped at Bowden Station, enabling me to grab some closer photos:

The train then left Bowden Station on it's way to Adelaide:

I then went back through the subway and into "The Loose Caboose" Cafe to grab a Coffee and enjoy some train action as it passed by the station!

You do get a pretty cool view from inside the Station building, which has been beautifully restored inside - the trains heading out from Adelaide Station stop right outside the windows, on the platform directly outside:

Some more photos inside the Cafe, located inside the Bowden Station building:

Some more 3000 series trains arrive while inside the Cafe, this time on the other platform, Adelaide bound:

 It is definitely worth stopping by Bowden Station, enjoy a coffee at "Loose Caboose" and enjoy some train action!

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