Friday, November 13, 2015

Redhen Train and Peronne Steam during Port Festival

Last month I took the rare opportunity to ride a Red Hen from Adelaide Railway Station to the National Railway Museum (former Port Dock Railway Station).

Since I was at Adelaide Railway Station (I took a bunch of photos in my older blog post here), I took the opportunity to take some updated photos around the station and platforms:

Once beyond the ticket gates, I took some photos of the platform area and some 3000 series trains running regular Adelaide Metro services.

Touchscreen Information board in the platform area inside the ticket gate:

Platform 4 - an Belair line train waiting to depart:

Platform 6 - an Outer Harbor line train waiting to depart:

Platform 8 and 9 - a Gawler line train waiting to depart:

With the retirement this year of the 2000 series Diesel trains that were commonly used on the Gawler line, the 3000 series trains that used to run on the Seaford line are being used on the Gawler line instead so the 2000 series trains could be retired from service.

The Seaford line is now electrified and using new Electric trains now all delivered in 2015. There is the occasional 3000 series service still, but not very often.

Arriving into Platform 9 following the Gawler line train departure is the RedHen diesel train. These used to run on the Adelaide Metro before the 2000 and 3000 series trains were brought into service.

Closer view of the front:

People quickly scrabbled onto the train for seats!

Inside the RedHen train as the crowds flocked in:

Inside the Redhen train shortly after departure from Adelaide Railway Station:

The Red Hen trains don't have any air conditioning, so the windows open, allowing photos to be taken easily out the window!

The Red Hen journey goes directly from Adelaide Railway Station to National Railway Museum without any intermediate stops, which I guess makes it the fastest way to get to Port Adelaide!

We arrived into Jacketts station, within the National Railway museum:

The Red Hen trips were very popular and it was great to see so many people riding it. The National Railway Museum was open for free on this particular weekend, so lots of people took the opportunity to enjoy the museum!

Jacketts station platform sign:

Bub was on steam train duties at the museum, taking people on a railway trip around the museum grounds:

Closeup of Bub waiting as the passengers got on board for the next trip:

View of the train tracks around the museum, with the former Woodville signal cabin in the background:

Inside the museum building I noticed these interesting pig additions:

The former Adelaide Railway station clock is also now in the museum, and it is the first time I have seen it since it was moved here:

Classic trains from the past in the museum:

Outside though, as a special treat for this particular weekend, Peronne (a Steam Locomotive) was doing trips from the Railway museum to the Aircraft museum during the day:

Here is Peronne watering up as Bub passes by:

Closeup of Peronne taking on more water before it's next run:

I had a great day out, with plenty of train action! This event was part of the Port Festival, and I also spent some time in the port enjoying some of the other activities on that day!

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