Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tanunda Railway Station

This weekend I went on a trip to the Barossa and decided to drop in to see the Tanunda Railway Station, on the now disused line from Gawler Central to Angaston.

The Tanunda Railway Station is being used today as a local Radio station, which makes it the only station on the disused line in active use, albeit not as it's intended function. It does mean the building is being kept in reasonable condition though.

The Goods Shed is still intact too as you can see above. The other railway lines that were originally here have been long since removed, with only the main line still remaining.

Reminders of the Stonie are still here, with the signs indicating only Marble trains to use the line.

Another view of the good shed:

Someone has been actively fighting the graffiti on the Goods Shed.

Another poor condition platform siding is here too - not sure what it's original function was, here looking towards Gawler:

Here are some more photos of the Tanunda station:

View looking towards Nuriootpa:

Next I went around the front of the Station, which looks quite barren:

On the Tanunda station platform:

On the platform looking towards Nuriootpa:

On the Platform looking towards Gawler:

As a final look around I went to the railway crossing near the station:

View from the pedestrian crossing looking towards Nuriootpa:

Final photo looking towards Tanunda Railway Station from the Pedestrian crossing:

I was glad to see the station is not in too bad condition. I really hope someone uses this line for wine tours into the Barossa using the old Barossa Wine Train (as has been suggested as a possibility) - it would be great to ride this line - I have never had the chance.

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  1. it will be good if someone bought one of the 3000 class (cab both ends) to run a train semi regularly from gawler to angaston