Sunday, July 10, 2016

AmigaOne A1222 Debian 9 build

I am very sorry for the delay in posts from mid June to now. There have been several very good reasons for it.

First up, I recently lost my job through redundancy, and secondly I have not been well at all for the past few weeks too. I hope you can understand why I have been quiet!

Despite this, being quiet on this blog does not mean I have been idle. On the contrary, I have been working in my beta tester capacity on testing linux builds on the AmigaOne A1222 of late. 

As regular readers should be aware (as I mentioned it earlier this year), I am unfortunately not allowed to discuss AmigaOS4.1 testing on the AmigaOne A1222 as it is covered under NDA.

Linux testing is fine to discuss though. On the A1222, I upgraded my Debian 8 installation to the latest Debian 9 Sid build, following the substantial work of the A-EON Open source team members to get the PowerPCSPE version builds running 24/7 builds on a couple of A1222 systems to the very latest, still in development, linux builds!

Getting newest version linux kernel builds working on the A1222 (and X1000/X5000/Sam460) has been a priority also.

I have previously produced several articles in 2016 on initial building and testing on the A1222. If you want to do some catch up reading of my A1222 system (including Classic Amiga emulation) please check out these articles:

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I was keen to try out the latest development linux versions on my A1222 with E-UAE to run Amiga systems, so I fired it up, changed my sources to the dev builds and run the apt-get dist-upgrade option.

I put up some photos of these upgrade results already for those following my Facebook profile...but I know not everyone uses it.

For everyone else who is not on Facebook, here is some screenshots from my AmigaOne A1222 of the latest Debian 9 sid build and 4.7.0RC2 kernel running JIT E-UAE with my Amiga 4000 AmigaOS 3.9 hard disk setup!

I also tested new linux kernels 4.4.6, 4.5.0 and the latest 4.7.0RC2 kernel too - they all work well on the A1222!

I even installed the Xfce4 desktop on the Debian 9 Sid build for a much nicer desktop than the default one - here it is running Pen Pal under Amiga 2000 emulation on E-UAE:

Getting this running well has been very satisfying, and the help of the A-EON Open source team with my questions has been invaluable - thanks guys for your patience!

Building of new PowerPCSPE version packages is still ongoing, and I look forward to trying out some other new things on the AmigaOne A1222 system I can share soon!


  1. Sucks that you lost your job :-P

    I'm quite familiar with the feeling, been unemployed since november last year, was hoping for startup again in may, but in direct contrast to the hope they gave me when they said "we'll call you!", they now fabricated some random reason as to why i don't fit in.

    Reading your blog is a source of light, i hope you'll find a new job soon.

  2. Losing your job is terrible, hope you can find a new one soon.

    I do hope AmigaOS gets done on the A1222 soon. While it's nice to be able to run Linux distros, it's not something you need an exotic PowerPC system for. Any old x86 PC can run Linux. I really don't see the point of an NDA either. They're treating it like it's a huge commercial product like Windows or MacOS, with millions of users etc. In reality, it's a tiny, niche operating system with a few thousand users worldwide.
    I guess with all the ridiculous legal troubles of AmigaOS in the past, they want to play it safe, but it still annoys me that we're kept in the dark. Is it coming out this year, next year, or 2018? Who knows...

  3. I am sorry to hear both about your health of late and loss of job.

    Can you tell me if Linux, anyway, feels faster, much faster, similar, etc. running on the A1222 vs. a SAM? I know you have a 460. I have a 440Flex 733 and am wondering how much faster AmigaOS is going to feel on the A1222. Trying to get a feel for it roughly, and you can talk about Linux.


  4. I'm running Debian mate on a sam460ex@1GHz with 2GB ram and a Radeon 5450 and it is in no way as fast or smooth as AmigaOS. Firefox is a bit faster than Timberwolf, but way slower than Odyssey. Playing videos is something you can forget, and apart from those two things, what else is there really?

    Sure, Linux appears a bit more mature than AmigaOS, but in now way comes close to the responsiveness.

    And with that, I remember why I got the sam460ex in the first place. Because I love Amiga and want to run AmigaOS 4.1.

  5. Hey Epsilon, wondering you can help me with some info. The A1222 specs are stated as 64-bit 400MHz DDR3 up to 8GB.

    That's a bit of a strange spec, compared to the general RAM info used for marketing.

    I assume that that's basically DDR3-800MHz or PC3-6400.

    What RAM shipped with your board.