Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Amiga 1200 has arrived

After promising myself I would never buy another Amiga 1200 after having so many issues with them over the years, I weakened when this fully recapped one came to my attention recently. I was able to buy it for a fair price and it has arrived today!

Being the middle of the working week I don't have much time to do anything with it, except unbox it and make sure it worked. I have big plans for it though. Speaking of the box, it deserves a mention due to the large number of Fish stamps on it!

Unwrapping the carefully packed contents revealed an Amiga Technologies Amiga 1200:

I got rid of all my Amiga 1200 systems 6-7 years ago after a lot of motherboard failures made me despair at doing anything with these systems. But I was tempted back by the promise of a recapped system which hopefully will have a nice long life!

Looks in good condition on first inspection, but no time tonight to pull it apart unfortunately - will save this for the weekend:

Rear view:

On the underside shows the French origins of the Amiga 1200, which is where the Amiga Technologies era A1200's were made in 1995-1997 after Commodore went bankrupt in 1994.

This Amiga 1200 has trapdoor accelerator installed, a Microbotics MBX 1200z with 8MB memory, real time clock and 68881 FPU installed.

Also installed internally (although I haven't checked inside yet) is a IDE to CF card converter with a CF card with two games/demos partitions completely full (literally 99% and 100% full), and the system partition - on power on I was pleased to see things appear to be working well:

I went straight for the AGA demos of course, with Nexus 7 by Andromeda first up running with WHDload:

Also enjoyed Big Time Sensuality by Axis, another AGA demo:

As a final quick test I fired up Banshee AGA via WHDLoad which also works great.

As I said I have some big plans for this machine, which will be revealed when I receive the bits I have ordered for it (and some other Amiga projects too)!

In the meantime this weekend I can possibly add my new A1200 030 accelerator from the ACA500 I got recently, but I can also add the A1200 Apollo 060-66 accelerator to it too of course. In addition I can also add a spare Indivision AGA mk2, subway usb and more besides! Definitely more playing on this Amiga 1200 to come soon! :-)

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  1. dam. your having a good time i see.. man i would love to do all that again:) your a lycky man..