Friday, December 16, 2016

Quod Init Exit IIm

Today I purchased a newly released C64 game in 2016 from Retream called Quod Init Exit IIm!

The game is an interesting platform game, which is available for just $1.99USD from Retream's page here. I was very keen to try it after seeing the youtube video on their website of the gameplay.

For $1.99 you get the .crt cartridge file to put into your 1541 Ultimate II (two version - one 16k for  Commodore systems and a bigger one intended to be used on 1541 Ultimate II which is quicker to load. You also get the AmigaOS version and a Windows version (running via emulation).

The game itself revolves around a pig that needs to be constantly fed as you navigate it through the levels.

The pig can jump, duck and fart to reach hard to jump to places, with a limit on how many times this can be used.

As mentioned you have to keep picking up food for the pig to avoid it starving. The levels for the farts and food are shown on the bottom left of the screen. Once the pig starves it is game over.

The game is surprisingly hard, and I struggled to get very far with it, but the graphics are lovely, the music good and the gameplay addictive.

I will keep trying to get better at it, but in the meantime I suggest that you all have a go at this game as it is very good.

I thought I was much better at platformers... grumble grumble! So now I just have to get good enough to make some headway in the game! If you'll excuse me, I am going to do that now!

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