Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A temporary pause in the blog

Hi All,

My sincere apologies about the lack of blog entries in 2017.

Unfortunately I now have to pause the blog for a bit while I am dealing with some personal medical issues. It is taking more time than I thought to find the source of the problems through multiple tests and it is still ongoing.

I have to prioritise my health!

I aim to be back on deck as soon as possible. I have a big backlog of stuff to play with when I do - so I aim to make up for it then!

Thanks for your patience.


  1. Take all the time you need as your health should indeed come first! Hope all is well again soon!!

  2. hey, good luck and get well... don't worry about the blog, you'll be back when things are resolved

  3. Always enjoy reading your blogs (inc the train ones) but like others have said your health is more important. Hope you get everything sorted.

  4. Hope you come back soon but your health is the prioritise indeed

  5. I really enjoy your blog every time, get well and don't stress too much about us :)