Saturday, January 7, 2017

CynthCart 64

To begin 2017 on my C64 I picked up a new interesting music making hardware to try out from Ebay - a brand new CynthCART 64:

The CynthCart 64 is a Analogue synthesiser software that allows you full control over the SID chip to produce your chip tune creations! It is packaged very professionally as above, and inside the box is instructions and keyboard shortcuts. It cost around $55AUD so quite reasonable.

Here are the shortcut keys:

Here is part of the manual, explaining the different sound modes, and this program supports the Datel MIDI cartridge and second sid chip cartridge (I don't have this yet).

I thought it better to try it out first and see if I use it!

So I unplugged the 1541 Ultimate II and connected up the CynthCart64 on it's own to try out:

Here is the program once loaded:

A closer look at the screen shows the preset sound currently selected, and the parameters that can be adjusted on the fly:

Fortunately you can press Return to get help on the commands, or just use the shortcut key manual included in the box:

You can use the upper C64 keys as a keyboard, which also apparently supports the C64 music keyboard overlay perfectly - unfortunately I don't have one of those!

As you press the notes the colour light up - you can hold the key down for extended sounds, etc.

Switching presets you can try out all the synth possibilities on the SID chip, which is a lot of fun to muck around with:

How cool is it to have new cartridge software on the C64, especially music software that gives such control over the SID chip, creating a effective analogue synthesiser!

This CynthCart looks like a lot of fun and I look forward to using it in my future music projects!

I have more planned for the Commodore 64 on the music front with the upcoming arrival of a Datel MIDI cartridge to complement the CynthCart 64!

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