Friday, January 24, 2020

Amiga Retro Brisbane December 2019 meeting

Happy New Year 2020 to all. I hope you had a great Xmas and New Years!

I got to visit the Amiga Retro Brisbane group meeting on Dec 30, 2019 while I was on holiday in Brisbane over the new year period.

It was great to meet everyone there, enjoy the Amiga systems on display and I was invited to do a presentation about NG Amiga systems too.

I include a few pictures from the meeting here - please visit the Amiga Retro Brisbane Group page for more photos from this and other Amiga events they host!

Amiberry running on a PS One mini:

Amiga CD32 with SX-1 expansion and playstation controller converter:

Specially made Amiga 500 PCB from scratch - Red Keg Technologies! A working Amiga 500 using the PCB was also at the meeting! Awesome work:

The working Amiga 500 PCB running:

Presentation of the Red Keg A500 board - so much work done and very impressive result.

Busy meeting and much Amiga chatter, just how I like it:

Amiga 2000, a little unhappy but got some TLC during the meeting:

Lemmings on Amiga 1200 using the new black Amiga 1200 case -  I did a full build using the new case last year here.

 Custom arcade cabinet built locally with a Raspberry Pi and emulation station installed, running Amiga emulation with Blood Money:

AmiKit XE running Amiga AGA demos like TBL's awesome demos under emulation on my Surface Go at the meeting:

If you get a chance to attend a Amiga Retro Brisbane event, please do so - it was a great night!

Also, I visited the new Australian Amiga forum website, started by the Amiga Retro Brisbane group members.

I am glad to be part of a new forum focused on Amiga in Australia. If you are in Australia (or even elsewhere) please sign up today!


  1. On behalf of the Amiga Retro Brisbane Group & Forum (#ARBF) team, Thank you very much for visiting us!

  2. Thank you for the visitation and for the awesome presentation too...always welcome if you around !!!