Friday, June 22, 2012

HD Wallpaper backgrounds and themes on X1000

If like me you didn't know this, there are in fact multiple resolution AmigaOS 4 standard wallpapers available in SYS:Prefs/Presets/Default/ listed under resolution size you want to use!

It was when I checked my resolutions in Prefs/WBPatterns for AmiCygnix installation that I realised that all this time I was using a 1024x768 default image background picture when running 1920x1080 resolution workbench - no wonder it looked so pixelated and horrible!

I also wanted to mention while on this subject that if you are interested in getting some new backdrops, icons and themes for your AmigaOS4 based Amiga, including X1000, I found that you can get some nice stuff at

I got myself DJ Nick's nice HD wallpaper uploaded in the last few days and added it to my Amiga X1000. Very nice - as per the screenshot below. Thanks for the work on the nice HD wallpapers guys - more please!

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