Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My AmigaOne X1000 has arrived!

I decided to blog about my AmigaOne X1000. This is the latest Amiga computer, made by A-Eon Technology and distributed in 2012 exclusively by AmigaKit. It runs the latest version of AmigaOS, namely AmigaOS 4.1 update 5. Wikipedia's AmigaOne X1000 entry has more technical information about it if you are interested in learning more if you don't have one.

I pre-ordered my AmigaOne X1000 in 2011, as part of the "First Contact" initial sales of the AmigaOne X1000. I received it in May 2012, and have been very busy setting up all sorts of things. My intention is to detail some of this work, to hopefully benefit other AmigaOne X1000 owners (present and future) in the setup and some uses it can be put to!

By way of introduction, I am Epsilon, from Adelaide, Australia. I have owned just about every Amiga computer released, and I have been active in Amigas from 1988 to the present day. At one stage I was part of the Amiga demo group, The Experience, and we released two demos in 1997 and 1998 on Amiga AGA machines. I was responsible for the music and some of the demo designs too. You can download these still from Pouet.net if you are interested in seeing them.

These days in the Amiga world, I have an AmigaOne X1000, Amiga 4000T, Amiga 4000D, Amiga 2000HD, CD32, Minimig and even an eMac running MorphOS 3.0, an AmigaOS variant.

My focus in this blog will of course be the AmigaOne X1000 and topics related to it and general AmigaOne X1000 news, etc.

I hope this blog will be of use to you, and that you enjoy reading it over time!

To start off I include a link here to some photos I took and uploaded just after I received my AmigaOne X1000, so you have some idea what you get when you buy one!

The picture I took below shows the X1000 Quickstart Guide, X1000 First Contact Documentation, AmigaOS4.1.5 Box and CD. An electronic iso format version of the CD and DF versions of the documentation are included on the X1000 Hard Disk also - very convenient:

The Amiga disk embedded into some circuitry was a hand made Birthday present from an Amiga owning friend of mine back in 1996. The slogan underneath the Amiga logo says "Today's technology Yesterday". Couldn't agree more, even all these years later. I enjoy tinkering with Amigas now just as much as back then!

The X1000 was shipped via tracked FedEx delivery from AmigaKit in the UK, and I had to pay Australian GST at customs when it arrived in Australia (as it cost more than $1000), before it released to be delivered to me. It arrived in perfect condition - no scratches or damage that I could find.

I chose the black case version (there is also a white case version). I chose to upgrade my AmigaOne X1000 to 1TB HD, 4Gb memory, and included the optional Serial port for diagnostics.
So next, here is the X1000 machine itself:

I chose to use a 24" LG DVI LCD with the X1000. It works great and here is a picture of the AmigaOne X1000 up and running on the AmigaOS 4.1.5 desktop, listening to Groove Salad via TuneNet, the included music player.

I strongly recommend downloading all the plugins for TuneNet, as it can play MP3, FLAC, Amiga modules, stream music from the internet and plenty of other audio formats too! You can download these from OS4Depot, along with lots of other AmigaOS4 specific software. Aminet is also a good resource for Classic AmigaOS and AmigaOS4 downloads.

I will cover some of the recommended software in AmigaOS 4.1.5 I have downloaded and used from OS4Depot, Aminet and gotchas to look out for too in another post soon!


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