Tuesday, October 14, 2014

AmigaOS 4.1 Classic with FS-UAE 2.5.19slirp on Mac OS 10.9

Following on from my blog entry yesterday, a new FS-UAE 2.5.19slirp build was released for MAC OS X overnight and now I have working network support in AmigaOS4.1 Classic!

Turns out I needed to download another new updated 3.3.0 qemu plugin to fix the network support. My setup following the EAB instructions here was correct.

Following that I could finally run AmiUpdate to scan for updates post Update 6!

When running AmiUpdate for the first time, refuse the updated version. I then enter my login details for access to Hyperion's servers for the updates. Note that you need to register your AmigaOS4.1 Classic product key on Hyperion's website using your login first (create a new login if you don't have one):

After a while scanning for updates, 83 updates appear!

I read that it is necessary to deselect all updates, then select "An Update to the AmiUpdate shared library is available" only, and update.

Then close and re-open AmiUpdate - and update the AmiUpdate program when prompted this time:

When done and AmiUpdate reopens, it will prompt you it needs to change the date format for the Rollback function. Make sure to click OK to change the format as described.

We can then do all the updates - it took a while to process so many updates:

Eventually though, it finished successfully and I rebooted it.

I then got to work installing IBrowse, OWB (from the AmigaOS4.1 CD), TuneNet (plus plugins), AmigaAMP3, Wookiechat, Cinnamon Writer and more.

I also uprated the screen resolution to 1280 x 700 to make it look a bit better on a HD screen and provide more real estate on the Workbench desktop (click to expand any of the screenshots):

Being able to play Amiga modules in AmigaAMP3 is really great:

IBrowse works well, although I find the downloads stall occasionally.  Web browsing is fine though, within the limitations of this browser:

OWB is much better for browsing and downloading large files, although it does run slower than IBrowse:

Wookiechat and Cinnamon Writer works too. I had less success with games I tried - I suspect it is memory and graphics card related.

Plenty more to do if I want to complete the setup how I really want it, though I am not sure if I will get much more time to play with it before AmiWest. I plan to bring the setup "as-is" with me if anyone at AmiWest is interested in how it is setup using FS-UAE 2.5.19slirp on MAC OS X.

My advise too is to regularly backup the HDF file when you close the emulation in case something goes wrong with an installation in AmigaOS 4.1 Classic.

No doubt there will be more updates of FS-UAE by the time I get there but at this point I am happy with it and want AmigaOS4.1 Classic to be reasonably stable while at AmiWest.

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  1. so you can actually register a copy of OS4.1 classic and get all updates via AmiUpdate for the great price of OS4.1 Final Edition !? wow