Monday, October 13, 2014

AmigaOS 4.1 Classic with FS-UAE 2.5.18dev on Mac OS 10.9

My focus has been on AmiWest for the past few weeks, so I haven't done much in Classic Amiga land - my apologies in the delay in posting.

This week though I have been moving my AmigaOS4.1 Classic setup from WinUAE to my Mac OS X 10.9 setup now that FS-UAE 2.5.18 development version is allowing me to run it on my Macbook Pro without Windows!

There is a thread and guide on EAB on how to set this up now using FS-UAE here. I won't redo what they have already written, but I can quickly show you that it works! Here is the FS-UAE 2.5.18 dev launcher:

 To make things easier there is now a Amiga 4000 (PPC/OS4) model to select from which has the correct configurations - although you do of course need to download the Picasso IV, Cyberstorm PPC and QEMU PPC plugins and put them in the right places for the FS-UAE config to work out of the box.

There is a few custom lines in my config too - some I added before the latest version so not sure how many are really needed:

Here it is, up and running:

I did cheat since I already prepped the HDF and installed AmigaOS4.1 Classic (and updates) in WinUAE previously (covered in detail in this blog in 4 parts starting here).

Next I am starting to load some software onto the system. I attached a Data HDF i prepped for my MiniMig and also an ISO (created using Toaster 11) containing AmigaOS4.1 files I want to install. Here I am using AmigaAMP3 to play back some favourite music (click to expand):

Still have to play with it more, and much more install work to do! 

But I wanted to quickly show that AmigaOS4.1 Classic works under Mac OS X too now! Haven't got networking working yet (trying the latest versions and updated qemu ppc plugin and slirp config) but it apparently does work so I will keep on trying!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'll try and get it working in Arch Linux too :-)

  2. Did you ever get networking working? FS-UAE runs awesome! My only issues is when I select Built in TCP/IP Stack I get error #22, and it won't boot. Unchecked, my system boots fine.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!