Monday, November 3, 2014

California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento

I was lucky enough to travel to Sacramento in late October 2014 for a computer show called AmiWest 2014, and in Sacramento is the California State Railroad Museum. Of course, I had to go check it out:

This is the outside of the Museum, located in the Old Sacramento area:

This is the entry ticket I got for the museum:

Here is the very impressive entrance in the main area of the Museum:

 US Steam trains are so much more attractive than the Australian counterparts in my opinion:

After the very different Loco's in the US, the carriages are very UK/Australian style - I was surprised by this:

The Sonoma steam loco 12 looks fantastic:

 Close up view of the loco:

As you can see below, it was built in the USA back in 1876:

This is a truly massive freight train steam loco X4294, the biggest I have ever seen! This is the only remaining example of the forward cab steam loco remaining, which is where the driver's cab was constructed in front of the steam stack, rather than the usual position behind:

The way the light and shadow falls on this Loco looks great:

Steam Loco No. 13 surrounded by mirrors:

Another big steam Loco X2467:

Next is the US Railway Postal Service carriage, used for delivering mail throughout the rail network in the US:

Mail sorting and bagging was done on the train as mail was collected, with 20 miles between each town sorting it quickly and accurately was important:

Luxury Carriage, with dining and lounge facilities:

Interestingly called The Gold Coast:

View of the Roundhouse, showing the Santa Fe diesel loco - which is the original version of the modified diesel locos used in Australia also:

Dining car used on the Santa Fe:

 Inside the Dining car is the various cutlery and plates used by each of the railway services operating a dining car:

A Pullman Sleeper carriage, which is actually moving like a real train would in travel when you step inside. That was a bit disconcerting!

Another Steam loco, this time suspended on a track over the top of the Roundhouse:

View of the Roundhouse from the second level:

 The museum was wonderful, and definitely well worth the visit if you are in Sacramento, or in nearby San Francisco.

Next to the museum in Old Sacramento, a section of the disused former railway line along the Sacramento River is still used for train trips on historic train carriages and Loco's. Unfortunately for me my trip there was on a day it wasn't running!

I did grab some photos of the trains and carriages in storage that are used for running on the line:

Old Sacramento railway area, with tracks still present:

This is the view of the Sacramento River, with the Amtrak Railway line to San Francisco visible (the bottom part of the bridge)

 Train used for Halloween train trips on the week I was there:

You can really feel the old Sacramento Railway history everywhere while here:

I had a great time visiting the California State Railroad Museum and Old Sacramento - at the entrance of the museum they have a large gift shop with plenty of books, videos, and train related gifts available - I certainly bought my fair share!

Recommended to visit if you are in Sacramento!

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