Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Me And My Shadow on X1000

After watching Tekmage's games presentation at AmiWest 2014, I found one game that I hadn't tried out yet on my X1000! The game is called Me and My Shadow.

The game was ported to AmigaOS4 by HunoPPC, who had helped port so many games to AmigaOS4!

As a side note I just realised this is my 100th post on this blog!

The good news is that this game does not need a Warp3D card to play it, meaning you can play it using the normal Radeon HD card with the X1000.

You can download the game for free from os4depot here.

Once downloaded, extract to a folder somewhere on your hard drive:

This is the Readme.OS4 file, which explains the changes in this version:

Here is the main title screen:

In the Options menu you can adjust the screen solution, themes and change the key configurations, and toggle full screen on and off:

There are also add-ons menu option to add levels, although doesn't look like this does anything right now.

Credits for the game:

Keen to try the game out, I hit Play on the Main Menu, where I can then select my starting level - at the moment, only the first level is available, and others are unlocked as I proceed - this means I don't have to play through all the levels each time:

First level - basically the idea is to guide yourself to the end of each level, with your shadow's help when needed.

You can use the arrow keys to control your character. In this level all the level is accessible to your main character so getting to the exit is straight forward:


In the next level you can see that your shadow is on an upper level you can't reach (colour is coded to be Shadow accessible only). So this is where you need to control your shadow to navigate the level.

To do this you have to "record" the movements you want your shadow to make using the space bar to start/stop the recording. Then stop the recording and playback the movements for your shadow to follow. Below I tell him to go right to the exit...

However there is a jump in the way, so he stops when he hits it following my straight line recorded movement.

So I then try again, but this time include a jump in the right place in the recording:

This worked, successfully completed level 2:

Level 3, and things quickly get tricky!

I can't jump onto the shadow block to reach the part above - I need some help from my Shadow. I tell him to jump onto the shadow block...

I then get him to jump onto the next shadow block (remember he can't walk on the normal blocks...)

I am then stuck....

It took me a while to realise that you can jump onto your shadow to jump to higher places...I then realised what I needed to do to finish the level:

Put the Shadow into the right place by a series on jumps and right arrow moves:

I can then jump onto my shadow and jump onto the blocks to the exit:

This game is surprisingly addictive and a lot of fun to play. It keeps me coming back to try again - the puzzles are great and the music is not distracting - in fact very pleasant to listen to while trying to solve the puzzles.

I highly recommend trying Me and My Shadow out on your X1000!

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