Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Amiga30 stuff and Cannonball on X1000!

Short blog post today, but I am glad to say that my Amiga30 Kickstarter supporter stuff arrived in the post today from the USA. :-)

I realise that the Amiga30 show was some time ago - July in fact!

But the organisers have been really very busy since the show, and so have recently started posting out the Kickstarter supporter gifts, which were a gift for my financial contribution to support the Amiga30 show.

I was unable to attend as I was in Japan at the same time, but I was very happy to support the show and it was clearly an amazing event from the many show reports and photos!

Tonight I quickly changed the poster on my wall from the CANDI poster I got from AmiWest 2014 last year to the new Amiga30 poster I got today - it looks great! :-)

Very pleased to say the t-shirt fits perfectly!

Still deciding what to do with the Amiga30 stickers. The Amiga30 booklet was quite interesting to read - my name was listed in the supporters list too! :-)

My thanks to tekmage (Bill Bosari) for sending this stuff out to me - very much appreciated!

On the past weekend I also had a go at playing the recently released Cannonball game (available on os4depot.net here) on my X1000, which is a reimplementation of Outrun without the need for an emulator like MAME. It runs native on AmigaOS 4.1 :-)

Speed is perfect and lots of fun. It needs the Outrun Revision B rom files (Google is your friend) and place the files into the rom folder of the extracted Cannonball archive.

The roms.txt file in the roms folder explains what you need to have in there for the game to work.

You can control the game with keyboard controls - this information is from a guide I found on the web that really should be explained in the archive!

  • Cursors: Steering
  • Z: Accelerate
  • X: Brake
  • Space: Gear Change
  • 5: Insert Coin
  • 1: Start
  • Shift: Change Camera View
  • F1: Pause
  • F2: Advance a frame when paused (useful for observing visual problems)
  • F3: Toggle/Freeze timers. (i.e. infinite time)
  • F5: Menu

It is great to be able to run Outrun natively on the AmigaOne X1000 under AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition!

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