Friday, May 6, 2016

Backup AmigaOne X1000 fixed and working!

Here is a quick update about my AmigaOne X1000. As regular readers on my blog know, my primary X1000 failed again in March this year, and is still broken as I write this, with a support ticket with Amigakit awaiting resolution. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

To compound this, my backup X1000 that I bought second hand last year also had problems booting, constantly rebooting on the X1000 boot screen and therefore unusable, which is why I have been focused on new Classic Amiga projects for the past two months while trying to work out what the problem was!

This week though, I found the problem via the serial debug port on the Backup X1000! The Backup X1000 was failing to boot because of the Sata DVD drive, with an error occurring just after the detection of the drive. I removed the DVD drive from the system and suddenly everything worked and booted! I then swapped in a spare DVD drive I had and it worked fine too.

Wonderful! I have a working X1000 again (not my primary one, but I'll take it!)

Onwards and upwards - with Enhancer software released this week by A-EON I am keen to start using it again!

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  1. Very late to the party, but sorry you had the issue on the backup X1000 you purchased from me. I had a simialr issue when I first purchased this X1000. The SATA cable had been hot-glued in place poorly, causing intermittant contact which resulted in boot failure.