Friday, May 6, 2016

Enhancer Software Plus for AmigaOS4 on X1000

This week saw the release of Enhancer Software bundle from A-EON for AmigaOS4. I took a look at it on my AmigaOne X1000.

I first fired up AMIStore on my backup AmigaOne X1000 to buy the Enhancer Software bundle.

Because I have already purchased Radeon HD 2 previously, I got a discount on the purchase price on the Plus Edition, which also includes an updated version of Radeon HD2 for use with the included new Warp3D Nova library.

Apparently this will also be released as a retail CD package you can buy, so when it is available you don't have to be on AMIStore to get this package.

I then started the 95MB download:

After the download completed the application extracts the installation file wherever you want them:

Here is the installation drawer for the Enhancer Software bundle:

I read the Read_Me_First document in the Read_Me_First drawer which shows the Wiki website for support information, and also explains things to be aware on the installation process, as there is a lot of new software being installed, such as about the backup drawer for old files and settings, amongst many other things:

Definitely worth reading this information first!

In the Installation_Files drawer you can see the new black theme icons for the new Enhancer software being installed. You get the option to use these or stick to the traditional blue during the installation:

They look quite nice, but probably I will stick with the blue, but the choice is up to you:

Speaking of the installation, let's get started with that:

If the picture on the top left gets in the way then click on it and press F10 to change to a window that can be moved.

The usual EULA appears that we all carefully read before agreeing.

The next step prompts to specify where the backup of current files that will be overwritten by the installation will be kept. By default this is SYS:Storage but you can change it if you want to:

As mentioned and shown before you then get the choice of using the new black icons, or sticking with the blue ones - note black is selected by default here:

The installation is broken up into sections, beginning with Gadgets, Classes and Datatypes - you can choose which ones you want to install:

As you can see there are new datatypes and classes, which are used by the new software in the Enhancer bundle, and can also be used for other future software too!

This then proceeds to ask questions about each component being installed, based it it's requirements:

I also chose to install the SDK files since I have the SDK installed on my X1000:

You then also get the choice to do this automatically for any other the new software being installed to speed up the installation. Of course I did that as this is a long installation:

I won't bore you with every component individual installation as the installation is straight forward, so I will move on to the next section of the installation - Utilities:

In the Plus Edition you get the full CANDI software, as well as the other software included in the base Standard bundle like AmiDVD, InfoWindow, MultiEdit, new upgraded version of Multiviewer, PartitionWizard, new version of TuneNet and X-Dock.

Note that if you don't have a Radeon HD Southern Islands compatible graphics card (the standard X1000 doesn't include it) then you will get no benefit from Radeon HD 2 and Warp3D Nova, and should probably get the standard edition bundle that includes the Radeon HD 1 driver.

Some components here will ask to be added the WBStartup to run on startup - you don't have to do this of course, but I did:

In the case of CANDI, it asks to install the Catalog language files:

It also asks if you want this to be done for all software that includes catalog language files, which I chose to speed up the installation:

MultiEdit adds an assign to your user-startup:

Multiviewer also adds an assign:

Multiviewer also asks if you want Multiviewer to replace the default AmigaOS 4.1 Multiview program with itself - I did this, but up to you:

X-Dock also asks to be added to the WBStartup:

The next stage of the installation is the Commodities, which are programs that run in the background and can be opened with a key combination from AmigaOS 4.1:

So of course they need to be added to the WBStartup to do this:

It tells you how to invoke the Commodity, for ClipViewer that is Ctrl-Alt-V:

For Exchanger it will be Ctrl-Alt-X:

For the next phase of the installation we are installing System components:

This replaces the Format program and Notifications Server from AmigaOS 4.1 with new versions:

Notification server needs to be added to WBStartup:

The next phase of the installation is the Drivers and Filesystem components:

This includes an updated Radeon HD 2 needed to use the brand new Warp3D Nova functionality included in the Enhancer package. In addition is updated versions of SmartFileSystem amd Diskcache library.

A new cli command is installed in the final phase of the installation, RequestChooser:

With that the installation is completed:

It is required to do a hard reset (power off/on) of the X1000 to update all the components. so after doing that I decided to have a quick look at the Enhancer_Software_Backup drawer to see where the backed files overwritten in the installation were located:

I then started to take a look at some of the new Enhancer software on my X1000, starting with TuneNet:

When launched for the first time you have to Accept an intro screen! Not sure why, but ok...

Here is the updated TuneNet program:

Immediate obvious changes include a slider bar for fast forward/rewinding mp3 and m4a files.

I quickly cued some up to enjoy some music. Note that I previously had the old version of tunenet installed with all the plugins available from

The information (i) button in the top right corner can be clicked to see the mp3 file information and cover art if available:

This works fine on mp3 files but I note it doesn't on m4a ones. Hopefully that can be fixed with an update.

Diving into the preferences, it looks fairly similar to the old version - here are the various configuration tabs:

When playing modules, you can still use the Tune tab to modify settings and select subsongs on custom modules and SID files:

The skins I used on the old version of TuneNet (obtained from os4depot) also work on the new one, which you can adjust in the preferences (Look tab) shown earlier:

The aPhone one is particular useful since it makes TuneNet quite small on the Workbench screen, although you can still iconify it of course:

It integrates with the new notifications to display new song notifications as tunenet works it way though your playlist.

The Internet radio streaming support is apparently also fixed, although the few stations i tried didn't appear to work, so perhaps the list is old.

I have covered CANDI before on this blog, and the version included in the Enhancer bundle is a minor update from the version I purchased on AMIStore previously:

Here is the new Format tool:

Looks nice, I have no reason to use it at the moment though so I have not played with it yet.

The Updated AmiDVD program is primarily of benefit to non-X1000 users who needed an updated version to work with their systems - the old X1000 version worked already:

Next up I took a look at the updated Multiviewer 2.2:

I previously covered the original release of Multiviewer detailing a lot of it's functionality on my blog here.

This updated 2.2 release adds new image preview functionality, amongst other things (click to expand any images):

It's tabbed support still works well for viewing multiple files at once:

Here I have a wave file playing and several different images in Multiviewer - the preview image functionality is very useful indeed:

Multiviewer is also integrated with ClipViewer, another new program included in the Enhancer software bundle, which allows multiple clipboard text contents to be kept and easily manipulated:

Here is the ClipViewer main program screen:

So for example, if I open up MultiEdit (another new program in the Enhancer software bundle) to edit my s:startup-sequence, and copy some of the text:

I can then see this copied clipboard text in Clipviewer, which I can then manipulate as required - as you can see there is support for multiple clipboard contents which is handy:

In MultiEdit I can also choose the toolbar and file lister positions, the same as I can in Multiviewer too:

I can jump to a specific line in the file being edited, and plenty of other functions too! I can also choose in the settings whether to automatically create a backup of whatever I am editing just in case:

With the recent announcement about the new Warp3D Nova, I was interested to see what demos have been created using the new functionality of the Warp3D Nova driver.

In the libs drawer you can see the files needed for Warp3D Nova installed on my X1000 - it also needs the updated 2.15 Radeon HD2 kickstart module which was installed as part of Enhancer software Plus bundle:

Initially I had some trouble finding the Warp3D Nova examples, but eventually located them in the SDK drawer, under Examples:

Here are the example programs for Warp3D Nova included in the Enhancer software bundle:

First up the HelloTriangle demonstration, followed with Gears and Texture Cube:

The Logo demonstration runs full screen and looks quite impressive. The whole thing moves and the ribbon thingy moves around the Warp3D Nova logo as well:

Looks nice!

I then ran all three Warp3D Nova  windowed demonstration programs on the workbench screen:

I hope we can see some games using Warp3D Nova in the not so distant future!

Last, but not least, I took a look at X-Dock, a new dock that can be used as a replacement for the AmiDock included in AmigaOS 4.1.

Initially the dock is empty but right clicking on the empty dock I can quickly add items:

Here is some items added to the x-Dock, which is nicely transparent and without text below the icons, but you can of course customise the dock to have that if you wish:

It can be vertical or horizontal orientation, as you would expect:

Here is the X-Dock positioned on the right side of my workbench screen:

Delving into the preferences for X-Dock, a lot can be customised - Visuals tab:

Buttons tab - where you can manipulate/edit the buttons on the x-dock:

The Labels tab allows for adding the labels below the icons in the x-dock and the font used:

Misc tab allows plenty of customisation of the appearance of the x-dock itself, notifications support, sounds, front most display, and more too:

I hope this gives you a taste of what to expect with the Enhancer Software bundle. I have only just begun to start playing with all the included software, and there is plenty more to explore!

It is an interesting bundle, and clearly a lot of work went into it from many developers. It is particularly good value for people who haven't yet bought any of the older versions of some of the products from AMIStore. (eg. CANDI, Multiviewer, Radeon HD 2).

Personally I am particularly glad to finally have an updated TuneNet client (adding UTF-8 support for displaying mp3 information would be most welcome please!), and the new Warp3D Nova functionality should hopefully be used by games for AmigaOS 4.1 soon!


  1. Nice it enhances the OS 4.1FE in many ways, however TuneNet, Ringhio and several things are part of the OS and it sounds bad to (again) pay for something that should come over AmiUpdate - sounds like milking. I would prefer to have options to support development in other ways. Greatest part of it - NOVA, doesnt work on most RadeonHD cards people got with SAMs and X1000s so again ... no words in way they support userbase, extensivly pushing to more expenses.
    Yes, its nice OS 4.1FE is cheap for new users, but I have paid OS 4.0, OS 4.1 SAM, OS 4.1 X1000, OS 4.1FE, OS 4.2 in advance (it was 160e for OS 4.1 beta and OS 4.2 pre purchase) and now again ...
    What about real non candy things like Timberwolf, Libre, Octamed ... questions no one dares to ask?

  2. And yes, how does it come you have a .rs domain?

  3. The suffix .rs is added because you're located there.

  4. Hi,
    thanks for the large test-Report. Which kind of keyboard is shown on the pictures?

    1. It is a ducky zero keyboard with custom Amiga keys made by TheDaddy - he has a thread on where he has been accepting requests. He ran a large Kickstarter a while back so everyone who wanted a custom Amiga keyboard could have one. Not cheap but definitely a great looking keyboard!

  5. I can't imagine why anyone would complain about NEW & UPDATED software, something we don't get so often these days. Buying it isn't mandatory! If you don't pay for it, then you will be no worse off than if they never bothered to pay money for programmers to write the new & update software.

  6. I agree Chris, but there are valid reasons for complaints, it is just that the complaints should be aimed in the right direction, not at the people who are actually trying to make progress happen.

    I don't know why many users can't understand that A-Eon has no control over what Hyperion does, or how quickly, or slowly, Hyperion programmers complete things.

    A-Eon should not be criticized for paying programmers to complete parts of the programming work that Hyperion and the "Official" AmigaOS4.x programmers should be doing, and which users who have purchased AmigaOS4 have a right to expect to be updated, or finished, when those parts of the OS were originally promised as part of any particular release version.