Sunday, December 15, 2013

Adelaide Rundle Mall and Railway Station Tram stops with Flexity trams

Yesterday since it was a beautiful day I decided to take a look at the Flexity Trams in the Adelaide CBD, the Rundle Mall tram stop and the tram stop next to the Adelaide Railway Station.

Below is the Rundle Mall Tram stop, which is next to the intersection of King William Street and Rundle Mall:

From Rundle Mall heading North (Left of the above photo) we reach the intersection of North Terrace and King William Street, where the trams take a turn toward Adelaide Railway Station tram stop and on to the Entertainment Centre tram stop terminus:

The Adelaide Railway Station tram stop, as the name suggests is opposite the Adelaide Railway Station and is usually very busy on weekdays with transferring passengers from the Adelaide Metro railway lines connecting onto the Tram to get off at Rundle Mall or Pirie Street. From this shot you get a sense of the angle up from this stop to King William Street.

The tram stop is much quieter once the trams have gone, making it easier to show the structure, identical to the Rundle Mall tram stop. All these stops have roof covers which are covered in Solar panels which power the lights at the stop at night. Clever. Not sure if the drinks machine is powered by it though!

View to the Adelaide Railway Station tram stop from the pedestrian crossing nearby, looking towards the west.

Another tram arrives and departs the tram stop:

Here I caught both direction trams in the same shot near the Adelaide Railway Station tram stop:

I catch the trams each day to work from the Entertainment Centre, so I am well travelled on this tram line! The flexity trams are not comfortable seats at all - rock hard in fact! 

There are also some Citadis trams in operation in Adelaide, but none were running while I was out taking photos yesterday. I will try to take some photos of them as they are much nicer trams than the flexity trams in my opinion - certainly more comfortable!

I will do another separate post about the Adelaide Railway Station (I visited it also yesterday) as it is a beautiful building with many interesting historical items inside!

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