Friday, December 13, 2013

New Train and Tram related posts!

Since my first trip to Tokyo in Japan back in 2005, I have been getting more and more into trains and trams, especially riding them. I enjoy the train journey more than anything else, and the raw excitement of seeing new and interesting trains, and riding a train to somewhere I have never been before, to experience new places and people.

Restored early 1900's era Adelaide Trams lined ready to run at St Kilda Tram Museum line, in Adelaide in 2010

The excitement I felt the first time was massive when I first stood at the main Meguro Station platform on the Yamanote line in Tokyo, and listening to the cute songs they play on each platform in Tokyo when a train is at the platform and about to depart! It hooked me in - to this day I use that stations jingle as my mobile phone ring tone!

Joetsu Shinkansen (Bullet Train) ready to depart at Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan in January 2011

I have never forgotten that feeling and long to experience it whenever I travel on trains. This is why the Yamanote line remains my favourite train, even though it is a standard very busy commuter train line in Tokyo!

Sunrise Seto Night Train at Tokyo Station in January 2013

But there are so many other interesting trains to see and experience all over the world - I aim to experience as many train journeys as possible!

Pichi Richi Railway Steam loco at Woolshed Flat, near Port Augusta, South Australia in September 2011

I should mention to start with that I am not up to speed with all the different train models and types - I enjoy riding them and haven't so far focused on this detail - but who knows how this hobby will change over time!

Entry to the Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line in Tokyo, Japan in July 2011

Needless to say, I am now mostly transitioned from a former hardcore computer geek to a Densha Otaku (as they say in Japan), or a rail fan as they say here in Australia!

This is a heritage H-Series Adelaide Tram, newly renovated running in Adelaide in August 2013

I intend to blog more about trains, train stations, train museums and other rail related items of interest I encounter in my travels, both here in Australia and in Japan. I also have a lot of archive material from travels in the last few years which I will also add to this blog over time.

This is the Botchan Resha train, running in Matsuyama city, in Shikoku, Japan, in January 2013

I have included some sample photos of the many trains I have photographed over the past few years. I hope you will join me on this train journey and I hope you continue to enjoy this blog.

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