Saturday, December 14, 2013

Return of the RedHen Trains to Adelaide

In 2013 as part of the 50th anniversary of the National Rail Museum in Adelaide, the RedHen trains were brought out of retirement in late November for one weekend only to be run from Adelaide Railway Station to/from the National Rail Museum in Port Adelaide.

This was very exciting as it is rare for trains to be able to leave the National Rail Museum grounds and travel on the Adelaide Metro network. Needless to say I made sure I was able to go!

The RedHen trains were the trains used on the Adelaide Metro railway network before the current 2000 and 3000 series trains were used.

I decided to travel on the Saturday runs (November 30), which turned out to be the best choice as the weather was clear and sunny, and Sunday was overcast and rainy.

On arrival at Adelaide Railway Station, I was reminded of just how grand it still looks, the Xmas decorations add something to the look too:

I bought my ticket from the ticket counter in Adelaide Railway Station, which was printed especially for this trip which was really nice:

So now I was just waiting for the RedHen to make its entrance. As the Adelaide Railway Station platforms are underground it is quite dark in there! It was surprising that the platform didn't have any information that the RedHen was using it. I had to ask someone in the station which platform it left from. Having got to the right platform, the RedHen train then arrived shortly after:

Having not ever ridden a RedHen before I was very keen to get onboard. It was hot in there while at the Adelaide Railway Station, but once we were on the move it cooled down quickly and was a very pleasant journey. Here is a photo from inside the RedHen carriage as we headed down to Port Adelaide:

Here you see the view from the RedHen as we separate from the Gawler line and Freight lines to head towards to Port Adelaide:

As we passed Bowden Railway Station (the RedHen train did not stop at any intermediate stations), a current Adelaide Metro train was stopped there:

The seats on the RedHen train reminded me of the old STA silver buses I used to travel on in my Uni days - they were quite comfortable:

Once we arrived at the National Railway Museum I elected to stay on the train for the return leg, as I had visited the museum only a few weeks prior.

What surprised me was the loud horn and considerable speed - with no stops the trip was very fast, taking 30 minutes each way. On the way back to Adelaide Railway station we were halted with another current Adelaide Metro train as we waited for another train to cross:

Shortly after this, we arrived back into Adelaide Railway Station. As luck would have it another Adelaide Metro train was alongside the RedHen train on the next platform, offering a good opportunity to snap them both together:

Another Adelaide Metro train then arrived at a distance platform in Adelaide Railway Station too:

Final shot of the RedHen train in Adelaide Railway Station:

I had a great time riding the RedHen train - I am not sure whether this kind of heritage train run will happen again in the future on a more regular basis - I sincerely hope it does. Thanks to the National Railway Museum and Adelaide Metro for making this happen - it was a great way to cap off the 50th Anniversary year for the National Rail Museum.

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